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Hi! My name is Maja. I am a freelance graphic designer who is passionate about creating. I especially like vintage or hand made creations. If it is inventive, clever, beautiful and involves recycling, I will probably fell in love with it.
In this blog I keep track of things I like or want to have, but most of the things are here because I want to make them myself.
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Homemade tiled stove by Blaž Vodnjov. You can see how it was built and more pictures of the stove here.


This is my kitchen. After moving into an old house, me and my boyfriend had to renovate the place. I decided to make myself a kitchen I would enjoy making and of course using. We bought the furniture from IKEA and then I did the tiling myself. Some of the tiles are handmade, bought in Italy, some are just pieces of tiles I found in the trash… A mixture of old, new, broken and rejected - I love recycling. :)

Wooden jewellry by Srečko Molk.

Wooden boxes by Les-kra.

Handmade felted woolen soap for the body by OLOOP.

Miro Žitko and Metka Marušič Žitko have built a low impact woodland home for themselves in Gorenja Trebuša, Slovenia.

from Skarabej

from Unikatna Keramika